Create Your Own Beauty Formula with COSFO!

COSFO is a premium cosmetics line for the daily care of the scalp and hair. All our hair and body products are formulated with at least 95% natural ingredients. Take our quiz to find out your custom Beauty Formula.

COSFO open sales in Europe

Our premium line of haircare products, COSFO, announces its European premiere. Eight COSFO products have appeared in the Saint Charles Apotheke pharmacy range at Gumpendorfer Strasse 30, Vienna, Austria . The pharmacy opened its doors in 1886 and combines the historical interior with the modern concept of retail, offering medicines along the best brands of natural cosmetics.

Made in UK

All goods are certified under British and European standards

Natural Products

At least 95% of the contents are natural ingredients


The products are suitable for regular usage by both men and women

Cosfo Bright


Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel

Hand cream

Hand cream

The cream is formulated to be used for hand skin daily care and regeneration and to make the skin barrier function enhanced. Efficient performance of the formulation is reached through optimal proportion of active ingredients. Extracts of oat, oat kernels and oat meal give instant softening to the skin, eliminate feeling of dryness and skin discomfort, regenerate and sooth the skin and stimulate cell turnover. Hydrating substances from shea butter and sunflower oil increase natural moisture balance. Vitamine E improves skin resilience and elasticity and slows down skin aging. Panthenol moisturizes, softens and regenerates the skin by making the skin resistant to unfavorable environment. The cream makes a barrier film which also gives soft and velvet effect to the skin and extra protection against aggressive environment (hard water, household chemicals, wind, heat, freezing cold). The texture is light and gives no oily or greasy effect. The cream is easy to apply and is well massaged and quick to absorb without giving tacky feeling. It is good for frequent use. Apply when necessary

Shampoo for the everyday usage

for everyday usage

Developed in a way allowing for it to be used regularly or when required, this shampoo ensures that your hair is taken care of, returning its beauty, shine and natural force. Fruit extracts from cane sugar, lemon and apple, guarantee natural and gentle cleansing as well as stimulating the cell renewal of the scalp. Aloe Vera refreshes, protects, improves microcirculation, revitalises and strengthens hair follicles. Pro-vitamin B5 nourishes, regenerates and gives strength to your hair from their very roots to ends.

Shampoo for oily hair

for oily hair

This is a true concentrate for hair lightness and freshness. It deeply cleanses the scalp and hair shaft from the sebum and normalises the sebaceous glands, maintaining the balance of the scalp. Fruit extracts derived from sugar cane, lemon and apple, provide natural exfoliation. The extract of green tea leaves has antibacterial action. The lemon extract tones the scalp and smoothens the scales, making your hair shine. Lastly, the apple extract has soothing, refreshing and toning effects as it nourishes and hydrates, filling the skin with vitamins. This product is suitable for frequent/regular usage.

Shampoo for dry hair

for dry hair

Light nourishing shampoo for taking daily care of your hair. The soft formula provides a delicate cleansing of the hair and scalp. The natural combination of amino acids, sugars, various organic acids in honey extract has a complex, extended in time moisturizing effect on the scalp, significantly enhances the smoothness and shine of the hair and restores damaged hair. Avocado extract nourishes the hair with vitamins B and E. Pro-keratins align the structure of the hair, smoothing the scales of the hair, as if sticking them together for a better look. Hair gains a healthy shine, becomes smoother, easy to style and gets a well-groomed look. Suitable for frequent usage.

Volume-enhacing Shampoo


This light shampoo formula gently cleanses the hair, improves its structure, provides the hair with volume and a seductive shine, strengthens thin hair and restores their elasticity. It doesn’t weigh down your hair, it helps relieve static electricity and contains natural components that are a part of the Florentine iris extract. This extract is helping to restore and increase the structural protein - keratin, thereby increasing the volume from the roots and improve hair elasticity and firmness. Avocado extract penetrates the tissues well and gives the hair a pleasant softness, extra shine and elasticity. Similarly, this product is suitable for frequent usage.

Conditioner for Dry Hair

for Dry Hair

Intensive nourishing and regenerating abilities means a light, non-greasy texture for the care and rehabilitation of dry and damaged hair is guaranteed. Plant ceramides, polyunsaturated fatty acids, rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements of wheat germ oil and jojoba oil makes the hair stronger. The unique composition of oils effectively regenerates damaged, traumatised hair, perfectly restores split ends and returns the softness and elasticity of curls. Keratin, being a kerato-filler, strengthens the hair and reconstructs, without weighing it down at the same time. When used regularly, the hair is guaranteed to lustre, be radiant and beautiful.

Volume-enhacing conditioner


Regular and long-term use together with COSFO17 VOLUME shampoo gives hair volume and tempting shine, strengthens fine hair and restores its elasticity. The rich composition of the conditioner actively restores and increases the amount of the structural protein-keratin, thereby increasing the volume, elasticity and firmness of the hair. Keratin, being a kerato-filler, and Florentine iris extract in COSFO17 VOLUME shampoo, help to strengthen and reconstruct hair, significantly increasing its diameter. Keratin hydrolysate and avocado extract in COSFO17 VOLUME shampoo penetrate deeply into tissues and make hair soft, shiny and elastic; smoothes, makes combing easier, removes static electricity. Lightweight, non-greasy texture.

HOW TO USE: Apply after shampooing onto clean hair along the entire length, leave for 3-5 minutes for the effect to appear. Rinse thoroughly. Then style your hair as usual. Apply as often as needed.

Toning Shower Gel

Shower Gel

Gently cleanses without disturbing the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin due to a neutral pH. The gel contains extracts of ginseng, guarana and red-hot peppers that have a pronounced toning effect on the skin, stimulating blood circulation and activating metabolism. Organic aloe vera and vitamin B5 assists with hydration and improves skin protective properties.

Toning Shower Gel

Shower Gel

Full of relaxing extracts of lemon, balm, burdock root and passion flower as well as the smoothing Aloe Vera juice and vitamin B5. This ingredient mixture provides the skin with the right combination for a relaxed feeling to help you get through the rough days.



Light daily skin care. It has a complex action as it nourishes, softens and moisturises the skin. Restores the lipid deficiency by preventing transepidermal moisture loss. The unique white truffle phytocomplex — extract of Magnatum tubers — prolongs the effect of moisturising; slows down the aging of the skin, increases its elasticity and regeneration. The complex of extracts of Aloe Vera, green tea (Camellia Sinensis) and chamomile flowers provides an effective soothing effect, removes toxins, supplies cells with oxygen and enhances skin protection. This light body milk is the tool that provides long-lasting comfort without feeling greasy. Not comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types.